How I came to find Reiki

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I was an empathic healer, meaning I would feel other’s pain and dis-ease and I would pull it off/out of them and into myself. I did this naturally and I didn’t know how to let that sickness or dis-ease go. So I was sick growing up. I was about 13 when I started looking for other ways to do healing that wouldn’t leave me sick or weakened. I looking into Shamanic healing and did a lot of meditations and vision quests with that but could not fully commit to that even though I wanted to, I just had no way to find a Shaman teacher at the age of 13.  It took me till I was 16 before I even heard of reiki. I looked for Reiki teachers and found many overpriced. I was 16, and I didn’t have the kind of money that the teachers wanted me to pay. $1,000 per level was a lot of money and to me still is kind of outrageous.

So what was I to do? I looked online for anything on reiki. Found a lot of information but nothing that told me how to draw the reiki symbols or do the reiki attunements. It took me 4 years before I found a reiki manual that I was able to download for free that had everything I needed and more. So I was 20 years old when I did my self-attunements. I did not at the time know that this was taboo in the reiki community. I found out that the following weeks. I wanted to share my success with others so I talked to people. I was asked to prove myself countless times just because I didn’t have lineage or a Reiki Master Teacher that trained me. I am a witch and I understood that reiki is universal life energies and that is what I use when I practice my magic. How is it different then using it to help people heal? Alias, this lack of lineage plagued me for 15 years. I was also told that I was stronger in reiki energies then any others that are even Reiki Masters. I would just say that it was because I didn’t have a teacher telling I can only channel this amount of energy or put a limit on what I can do. So over those 15 years I was told I was good enough for me to give them healing but was not good enough to pay. I took this as a chance to build my reiki skills and reiki practice. I then I received my formal training in 2016 in Wheaton Illinois. I continued my studies into Reiki to the Reiki Grand Master levels and other reiki/energies systems that I offer on here.