Oneness Reiki


Oneness Reiki is a very high level of energy that is all about being at one with the universe and everything in it.  It helps you connect to the universe and touch the stars. It is the un-blocker. Oneness reiki allows you to walk your natural path, the one you are meant to follow by helping you to be calm and without worry.  You may find that it will clear obstacles which will help you resolve problems.  You may become much more relaxed and laid back which would help you to embrace the universe.

The Silver Flame is of the Goddess.  It is a fire yet liquid.  It brings about change, transformation, and a unique creative shift in your energy.  The attunement connects you to the Goddess and can be used to enhance any connection to any Goddess for empowerment and higher energies.  This attunement brings about transformation and the changes needed for healing.

Required to be trained to Master level in Reiki in order to be attuned to Oneness Reiki.


What you get:

  • Manual and certificate in PDF format

  • The attunement sent in Angelic Ball of Protection distance method

  • Help and support, if necessary

And you get to pass on this energy system.

Oneness Reiki - Must be Reiki Master
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