Angela La Scala

5 star rating

"I had a very lovely Distance Reiki session last night from Stephanie and I just wanted to say it was AMAZING! I have been having sleep issues causing me to wake up several times and having disturbances throughout the night. This all causes me to wake up groggy, achy and just plain old tired. Last night's session resulted in a deep relaxing and undisturbed sleep and I did not wake up until morning. I felt very well rested, energized and my back and feet which always seem to be sore and stiff in the morning, felt great today!

Stephanie shares a very beautiful and peaceful energy that is most healing. She has a wonderful gift and she is very intuitive. I will certainly be scheduling another session and I highly recommend her!" 

Laura Curtis

5 star rating

"I've received some Reiki Attunements from Stephanie and they've been exactly what I needed and when. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and wanted to add some more types of energies to my offerings. The distance attunements she's sent me are as powerful as if we were working together on the attunement in the same room. I'm enjoying integrating the new energies and working with them, and am adding a new one tonight. Thanks, Stephanie!" 

Andrea Bester

5 star rating

"I've known Stephanie for quite a few years and have received a fair bit of Distance Reiki over those years for various reasons. Even though the distance between us is monumental.. I'm in another country.. it's as if she's right there next to me in person. She is well worth your time to contact as the Reiki she sends is phenomenal."

Leah Richards

5 star rating

"Stephanie is truly a wonderful healer and a wonderful human! She was able to completely tap into the blockages and to start the healing process to help the changes take place and allow the negative, stressful, and bad energy/vibes leave. I look forward to future sessions and to see/feel the benefits and results of this session. Thank you Stephanie you truly are wonderful."

Erin Marie Sickler

5 star rating

Erin gave 5 stars...

"Prior to my remote Reiki session with Stephanie, I was on edge and distracted. In the session, I sank into a state of peacefulness that stayed with me for the rest of the week. I walked away with a strengthened sense of myself and feelings of wholeness and well-being."

Aspen Bassett

5 star rating

"I've only done one session with Stephanie Flores so far and already I can confidently say she's improved my life. We worked on releasing some emotional fears and gunk and replacing it with self confidence and belief in my dreams. She took me through a deep meditation which helped me let go of my past and embrace the possibilities of my future. Already, the universe is responding to the work we did during that session. I'm more confident, more MYSELF, and everything seems to be falling into place. Finally. Thanks Blue Crystal Waterfall Healing!! You've made my life better. Five enlightened stars for this amazing life coach and healer." 

Emilee Price

5 star rating

"I had Reiki done yesterday by Stephanie... WOW! I needed some help with balance, and help with growth. She did exactly that! I was looking to unblock myself before taking my own journey into Reiki. Now I feel open and balanced, and feel ready for this new journey that I am about to take. I am blessed that I got to connect with her, and to have her help me in such an amazing way! Thank you!!!" 

Zack Higbee

5 star rating

"Stephanie is great at what she does. She is also an amazing teacher. She taught and certified me in level 1 Usui Reiki. She's the real deal people. I'd recommend her any day to any one."