White Dragon Reiki


White Dragon Reiki connects you to the dragon spirits, more so the White dragons.  He is the dragon of purification, protection from negative energies and of cleansing.  The White Dragon heals sorrow, regret, grief, hate and any other negative emotion from your energy and energetic bodies.  He clears your path and removes blocks in your chakras and other energetic bodies. Then the white dragon fills you up with unconditional love and light to bring you into a deep peace. The White Dragon has one symbol and is very connected the Spirit and Creator Scarce that you will feel a beautiful pure loving energy as the White Dragon moves to cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit.


What you get:

  • Attunement sent distantly via Angelic Ball of Protection

  • Manual and certificate in PDF format

  • Help and support, if necessary

And you can pass this energy system on to others.

White Dragon Reiki
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