Light of Truth Reiki


Light of Truth Reiki is a wonderful energy that will help you and your clients or loved ones to live a life free from fear and in your own personal truths.  This is an extremely powerful energy that has the potential to transform your life.

The benefits of Light of Truth Reiki can include but at not limited to: Improved personal clarity; less confusion, Better peace of mind, More trust in the self and the universe, Heightened intuition, A more balanced perspective on life. 

By using Light of Truth Reiki daily you can transform a lot of issues.  You can find clarity on life purpose, end confusion over a romantic partner, and even see the other side of things.  When you get clearer on your own personal truth, it is easier to see and accept other people’s truth.


What you get:

  • Attunement sent by Angelic Ball of Protection

  • Manual and Certificate in PDF file

  • Help and support, if necessary

And you can pass on this energy to others.

Light of Truth Reiki
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