Goddess of Pure Potential Empowerment


The Goddess of Pure Potential Empowerment connects you to the Goddess of personal power and creativity that exists within.  The very essence of all that ever has been, is now, or ever will be, exists deep within your heart and is nestled in the seat of your soul. 

The energies of this attunement connect you to the very source of pure potential, the Goddess of life that keeps the fires of passion burning, to bring form to thoughts, ideas, and desires, through creativity.  The Goddess of Pure Potential comes forward to empower you to create your life as you wish it to be. 

  “Find your passion,” She whispers, “and give it life through love and joy.”


What you get:

  • Attunement sent by Angelic Ball of Protection

  • Manual and Certificate in PDF file

  • Help and support, if necessary

And you can pass on this energy to others.


Goddess of Pure Potential Empowerment
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